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Publisher's Summary

The best and most unique Florence/Tuscany travel guide

The region of Tuscany is often chosen as a tourist destination, as it has so many things to offer in terms of culture, artistic legacy, nature, food, tradition, and history. Florence is often the main point of attraction, being visited by those who are looking to discover Italy at its finest.

One of the main reasons why people come to Florence and Tuscany is art. There is no other place in the world where there are so many masterpieces. The Medici family of Florence is one important family among others credited with inspiring the renaissance. 

Let this book guide you to the many places that you must see in Florence/Tuscany to not let your once in a lifetime trip go to waste. This book is filled with suggested places to stay, from budget to luxurious, places to visit, local cuisines to try, and places to shop. All these suggested itineraries have been experienced firsthand and are all highly recommended to tourists. 

Experience a whole new world when you come and visit Florence/Tuscany. In this total guide you will find:

  • Areas covered: history lessons, best museums, surfing, adventure land, off road trips, wildlife spotting, Florence/Tuscany neighborhood, medical tourism, learn Italian in Florence, cooking and drinking, accommodation, staying safe, music, festivities.
  • General information of each area 
  • Area transportation (how to get around, i.e. car, bus, taxi, train, bicycle, rickshaw, etc., and how much it would cost)
  • Sightseeing (best sights to see, off the beaten path)
  • Best shopping (where are the major shopping districts and what they are known for)
  • Bargain alternatives (where the locals shop to avoid the high tourist crowds)
  • Things to do (recreation outdoor, indoor, events and festivals)
  • Local food specialties
  • Farmer's and fish (meat) markets (locations, dates and times of various markets)
  • Language, political, and etiquette considerations (what the average tourist should know and how to get along with the locals)
  • Type of currency used and types of places that exchange currency
  • Seasonal considerations (typical high and low temperatures, if there is a rainy season, if it snows, floods, or is known for "heavy weather")
  • Comfort services (massage, hair and nail salons, spas, etc.)
  • Essential services (embassy locations, medical facilities, law enforcement, etc.)
  • Area specific discounts and coupons
©2018 Brenda Caizza (P)2019 Brenda Caizza

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