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  • The goal of this podcast is to make the early days of parenting more connected. In show I focus on: birth, postpartum and parent mental health. This podcast is for soon-to-be-parents and parents of babies and toddlers. Each week this show will provide tips and resources to help you take care of yourself and your little ones.
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  • May 22 2022

    Thank you so much for listening to today's episode, we are going to be talking about how to set yourself up for success when preparing to breastfeed, especially in light of the current formula shortage. Now, this episode is geared towards people who want to breastfeed, have the ability to and have a desire to. And I'm holding space for all of the moms out there that cannot breastfeed or choose not to breastfeed and are going to be relying on formula. This episode is not to make you feel like you should be breastfeeding. So, I just wanted to be very, very clear about that. This is really just to help those moms that are expecting right now that are thinking I wanted to breastfeed before and now the pressure is on what if it doesn't go well? Here are some tips and resources to help support you in your breastfeeding and postpartum journey. And my guest today talking about this subject with me is Melissa Wirt. She is a mom of six She is also the founder of Latched Mama which is a company that makes clothing for nursing parents. I hope you enjoy the episode!

    In this episode we discuss:

    • We have a formula shortage in a country that is already not set up to support new parents
    • Tips for moms preparing to breastfeed:
      • Advocate for yourself
      • Find resources
      • Take a breastfeeding class while you are pregnant
    • Make a list of potential lactation consultants who can help you, here are some places to find one: 
    • When you have your baby, keep these things in mind:
      • Baby’s tummy is tiny
      • They need to feed often, but in small amounts
      • Breastfeeding is supply and demand, the more you stimulate the breast and empty the breast, the more milk you create
      • Bring them to the breast at least 8 times per day in a 24 hour period, 12 times is ideal
      • Do skin-to-skin with your baby as much as possible for at leas the first 6 weeks of baby’s life
    • Keep in mind that this season when baby is feeding around the clock and when it is difficult…it is temporary, it won’t always be like this
    • Keep in mind that you are doing a great job, whatever you choose! Nothing is black or white, you can change your mind at anytime and you don’t need to be a perfect parent, but instead be a good enough parent

    Where to find Melissa: 

    How to get in touch with me: 

    Find other episodes at: www.findingyourvillage.com/podcast

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    45 mins
  • May 15 2022

    Thank you so much for listening, in today’s episode we are going to be talking about when to start saving for college. 

    Brad Baldridge is a financial expert, College Funding Specialist and host of the Taming the High Cost of College podcast who has helped thousands of families plan and save for college with smart and proven strategies to save time, money and stress.

    In this episode we discuss:

    • when new parents should start putting money aside for their child’s education
    • the tactics that parents can take to do this
    • how higher education is changing
    • the shifts we may see in the future when the next generation becomes college aged. 

    How to get in touch with Brad

    How to get in touch with me: 

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  • May 8 2022

    Episode 100!! Happy Mother’s Day and Introducing Solids to Baby: Interview with Madison Holden

    Thank you so much for listening to this very special episode today. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and to all of the moms-to-be. I hope you have a wonderful day where you feel honored and recognized for all that you do. Today’s episode is extra special because this is the 100th episode of the Finding Your Village podcast. It is hard to believe that I have created 100 episodes of this podcast and that people listen to the show and keep showing up 100 episodes in! Thank you to everyone who has listened to one episode or all 100. I appreciate you so much and you are the reason why I show up every week. 

    To commemorate the 100th episode of my podcast and as a Mother’s Day gift to all of the expecting moms out there, I am offering $5 birth classes this week. They will be live on Facebook and I will do one class starting tomorrow, Monday, May 9th at 12 noon EST and then there will be another class at the same time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each class will focus on a different aspect of labor and birth preparation. You can take just one of the classes individually for $5 or take all four for $20. To sign up, grab the link in the shownotes of this episode, which will route you to Facebook to register and pay for each class individually there. I hope to see you there this week!

    Register for the $5 Birth Classes here!

    In today’s episode we are talking about introducing solids to baby and our guest is Madison Holden, who is a ​​pediatric nurse and certified postpartum and baby nutritionist , and a mom of two. Her goal is to empower and provide knowledge to new moms to help nourish and replenish themselves after labor. So this episode is going to focus on doing just that.

    In the episode we discuss: 

    • When to introduce solids to baby
    • What is more important than baby’s age is readiness signs
    • What the readiness signs are!
    • Using nutrient dense food that are gentle on the digestive system 
    • What kinds of food and texture to introduce to baby
    • Following baby’s cue
    • Add spices (not too spicy or salty!) to your baby’s mood

    How to get in touch with Madison:

    How to get in touch with me: 

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