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Publisher's Summary

A wonderful collection of 50 phenomenal stories by the world’s great short story writers. 

  1. 'The Other Sense' by J. S. Fletcher
  2. 'A Double Return' by Arthur Machen
  3. 'Presentiments' by P. C. Wren
  4. 'The Mahatma’s Story' by May Sinclair
  5. 'New Dresses' by Katherine Mansfield
  6. 'Major Wilbraham' by Hugh Walpole
  7. 'How Pearl Button Was Kidnapped' by Katherine Mansfield
  8. 'The Ceremony' by Arthur Machen
  9. 'Mustapha' by Sabine Baring-Gould
  10. 'The Library Window' by Margaret Oliphant
  11. 'A Duchess’s Secret' by Andrew Lang
  12. 'The Tiredness of Rosabel' by Katherine Mansfield
  13. 'The Bowmen' by Arthur Machen
  14. 'The Cage' by J. D. Beresford
  15. 'The Journey to Bruges' by Katherine Mansfield
  16. 'A Truthful Adventure' by Katherine Mansfield
  17. 'Torture' by Arthur Machen
  18. 'Dr. Faust’s Last Day' by Maurice Baring
  19. 'The Green Mamba' by Edgar Wallace
  20. 'Ole Underwood' by Katherine Mansfield

And 30 other great classic stories.

Public Domain (P)2018 Red Door Audiobooks

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