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Italy, 1846:

Abused by his father and tormented by his brother Regalito, seventeen-year-old Antonio Scaglione plans to sail to America, but jeopardizes the freedom he seeks by taking Regalito's ruby necklace with a Gypsy's curse. While on the ship, he and his new friend Thomas test the curse by placing the necklace on a prisoner in the brig.

The prisoner dies.

Antonio will spend his life trying to find a way to keep the necklace from killing again.

The United States of America, 1848-1912:

Over the years, Thomas and Antonio form a close friendship. Antonio becomes a fearless firefighter who saves many lives, yet he cannot keep the ruby necklace from taking lives. In 1905, Regalito learns where Antonio lives and arrives on his doorstep, wanting his ruby necklace. To Antonio's amazement, the ruby is gone! But where?

After Antonio struggles to save himself and his little grandson from Regalito's fiery revenge, he must face the painful secret of where the ruby has gone.

©2009 Rosalie Marlen Schele (P)2014 Rosalie Marlen Schele

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