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They made a mistake. Now, they'll pay.

It's been weeks since Lori Turner lost everything: her loving husband, their unborn child, and even her mind. At least the man responsible was dead. Lori had seen to that and left to find a new home - a new life. But after a perfect start in a new town, a careless encounter with a young woman leaves Lori nursing her bruises.

If there's one thing Lori's learned, it's to not let the shadows of her past darken the future, and it's not just her that needs that advice. As she investigates the town, Lori finds there's more than meets the eye with this young woman, and her pursuit of justice will have cruel, sinister consequences.

It was supposed to be a stop-by, but Lori is drawn into a world of deceit and deception, increasingly out of her depth. It's a perfect follow-up for the outstanding thriller You Saw Too Much, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats until the end.

©2018 Adam Nicholls (P)2018 Adam Nicholls

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