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John Godwin thought he’d left his life as an EMT in the past. These days he works as a private investigator who spends his days keeping tabs on cheating spouses and insurance scammers in sunny Miami. But it only takes one phone call, one unexpected job with a fat paycheck, to send him right back to where he started. 

Death is stalking a privately owned luxury resort on an island just off the Florida Keys. The sudden death of the resort’s staff medic seems like an open and shut case - a crime of passion - but when one of the suspects turns up dead, John will have to use all of his skill and expertise to discover the truth before the bodies start to stack up. 

On the cusp of a discovery that will blow the case wide open, John runs the risk of becoming a serial killer’s next victim, and with a hurricane bearing down on the tiny island, getting out alive is looking a little more complicated.

©2018 Chase Waters (P)2018 Chase Waters

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