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  • The all-new DARETOGROW podcast. Lisa Bean is the founder of the multiple six figure business DARETOGROW, and author of the Amazon topping book First Sh!t Version. Through her online programmes she teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to launch a business to make a living doing what they love and how to scale that business to six figures online. Having sold over £1m of services in her businesses (across marketing, recruitment and online training), Lisa specialises in helping people craft their stand out message, launch their offer and scale using funnel and content marketing. She is a self confessed video geek and regularly releases vlogs of her travels and business journey. From the UK originally, Lisa recently put her belongings into storage to travel around Europe with her partner and whippet.
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  • Apr 26 2022

    Motivational voice note from Transformational Speaker Lisa Bean: How to find clarity when you're overwhelmed and don't know which way to turn! Simple, powerful three step process you can follow right now! Join Lisa Bean live in her three hour Masterclass on purpose, hosted by The Guardian:


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  • Apr 20 2022

    When a new client says to me: "Lisa, I'm just not making enough sales in my online business", the first thing I ask is:

    "Okay, how much time did you spend this month on pitching offers, speaking to customers, hosting webinars, telling people about your online course or membership or coaching programme?"

    The answer is always "Erm, well...".

    Business is not a joke. It doesn't have to be a punishment, but it's not a joke. You can't sit still, posting things on social media, and hope the sales will follow. They won't. I know this is really direct but sometimes we need the reminder: Bold results come from bold action.

    To sell in business you must create a process that educates your prospective clients on who you are, on what you do and on how your offer will give them what they truly desire.

    This means:

    1. Crafting an offer people want to buy.

    2. Demonstrating that you can help your client get what they want faster or more easily or with less pain or effort, through your unique process or approach.

    3. Turning up where customers are and pitching for their custom. This means running webinars, sharing PDFs, opening the doors, hopping on discovery calls, making it clear you have an amazing offer and highlighting the benefits with testimonials.

    4. Continuing to show up for yourself and your future clients, continuing to learn and adapting the process to suit your style and your life.

    Remember: Posting on social media is not selling. It's a good thing; it will help you to build your brand and build trust, but you will only start making sales in a scalable way when you build a process that introduces you to new clients, adds value, educates them on how you can help and pitches an offer...regularly, in a scalable way. The more automated, the better! But this can be a manual process to begin with.

    Press play for five key sales activities you can bring into focus today.


    I mentioned my 30 page business sales guide in the video - Stop Faffing, Start Scaling. Click here to learn more and download your free copy: https://daretogrow.co.uk/sixfigures/.

    If you'd like to learn about my split freebie approach, for building an online marketing funnel, click here to watch the 45 minute webinar. In this energetic video, I show you the methodology I teach my clients, and offer some insights and words of wisdom to get you taking bigger action today: https://daretogrow.kartra.com/page/8mO26

    Interested in working with me? Pre-Ex Business School is my 14 month online training and mentoring programme for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are serious about learning how to build a business, how to sell ethically, and how to scale up using online marketing. Learn more here. https://daretogrow.kartra.com/page/Preex

    Over and out!

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  • Apr 11 2022
    Ah man it happens to everyone! One day you wake up and you've just had enough. Or you're tired. Or it's not working. And you don't want to do it anymore.

    Sometimes you've drifted off track. Sometimes you're working too hard for too little. Sometimes you're just a little burnt out.

    And you feel like throwing in the towel.

    Well, STOP. Wait. Please. Let me ask you ONE QUESTION that can reinvigorate you love for your business, for business in general and for life!

    Bold claim. Let's see if I can live up to it!

    Press play. 

    P.s. Here's the link to the Guardian masterclass I mentioned: 

    "How to find your purpose and make change happen, with Lisa Bean"


    #onlinebusiness #businesscoach #businessburnout

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