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Computer code and human code found inside the DNA molecule that is the core of every cell in our bodies are practically identical in what they attempt to accomplish. The only difference between the two types of code is that human code also includes the instructions to replicate the individual while the computer code has no such instruction set yet. When they do, this will give rise to many of the science-fiction scenarios where some form of artificial intelligence attempts to take over the world and eliminate all humans as inferior pests.

In my previous book - one that should be heard prior to this one - The Origin of Creation, we prove that human code is special in other ways too. Human code can find its origins all the way back to The Big Bang - what I call "The Big Birth" - because there was no real "bang" that made the universe, although there may have been a deep "cry". The next thing that happens after the incredible explosion of The Big Birth is the creation of the Code of Life - only at this point in time, it's really the Super-Code, the code that will determine where everything will snap into place in our universe and that includes where our own individual life codes will come in to play.

Cracking the code details how easy it is to learn enough about your code of life so that you can crack it and alter it to suit your real goals or purpose in life. When you realize how your own code is connected to everything else, how simple the basic construction is and how to find your algorithm, then the true focus, meaning and the music of your life can arise up out of nowhere and you will finally know the truth about nearly everything that was before - a mystery. In Genetics research, we call this EpiGenetics where it has been known for years that changing one's attitudes about certain subjects can in turn change one's actual genetic code.

©2016 Michael Mathiesen (P)2016 Michael Mathiesen

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