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Asia’s growing economic clout is starting to reshape global business rules that have been molded by Western multinationals for many decades. The region’s rising star, Vietnam, is now flexing its economic muscles, and Competing with Giants tells the story of its transformation from war ruin to dynamic nation through the experiences of Tân Hiệp Phát (THP), the drinks company founded by Phương Uyên Trần’s family.

Told through the eyes of the daughter who watched her parents overcome numerous obstacles to achieve success, the book offers a primer for others to follow suit. Its message is an empowering one. East and West can learn from each other. Family-owned businesses are thriving. Asian women are making their mark. Most importantly of all, it teaches us that small companies, which take advantage of their local knowledge and marry it with the best international standards, can hold their own and even outflank giant global corporations. It is not easy, but as THP’s founder, Trần Quí Thanh, tells himself daily, “Nothing is impossible.”

©2018 Phương Uyên Trần, Jackie Horne (P)2018 Phương Uyên Trần, Jackie Horne

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