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  • Episode 40: EV Charging Equipment Installation - A "How To" Guide

    Jan 18 2022

    Deciding to install EV charging equipment on your property is a huge decision. Obviously, you need to think about the business case - how much everything will cost and how much you will charge - but more than that, you need to understand how to optimize placement of the equipment, how to work with local utilities to get it connected and how to navigate the complex permitting process. Listen in to discover the exact questions you need to ask and factors you need to consider before building a charging station on your property and read more details in our full report, "Installing and Operating Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure."

    Hosted by:

    John Eichberger, Executive Director, Fuels Institute

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    21 mins
  • Episode 39: Decarbonizing Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

    Jan 4 2022

    There is incredible diversity among the types of vehicles and use-cases in both the medium-duty class and heavy-duty class which must be taken into account when considering decarbonization options. It turns out that just a few applications actually represent the vast majority of emissions, so you will have the most impact by targeting those applications first.

    Hosted by:

    John Eichberger, Fuels Institute 

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    20 mins
  • Episode 38: Life Cycle Emissions of Combustion Engine Vehicles vs. Electric Vehicles

    Dec 21 2021

    In 2022, the Fuels Institute will release a report comparing the life cycle carbon emissions of electric, combustion and hybrid vehicles that looks at every stage of a vehicle’s life to help identify opportunities for effective carbon reductions. Listen in as the authors of the report discuss the different sets of assumptions that go into modeling, the hotly debated topics in this space such as exactly when in the EV's lifecycle it becomes less carbon intense than a typical ICE vehicle and the sensitivity factors that affect this time period. It is a fascinating discussion that will leave you eager to read the full report.

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    24 mins
  • Episode 37: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with ICF

    Dec 7 2021

    The Fuels Institute will publish a report in early 2022 analyzing the efficacy of programs and policies aimed at supporting the installation of EV charging infrastructure. In this episode, Jonathan Norris with ICF, one of the leaders of the project, discusses what they learned about which programs seem to be the most effective and why. This episode and the upcoming report should be instrumental in guiding EVSE program designs. Listen in as ICF discusses the report in more depth and be sure to download the report from www.fuelsinstitute.org when it is made public early 2022!

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    22 mins
  • Episode 36: The Case for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

    Nov 23 2021

    Financial institutions are driving an environmental, social and governance (ESG) movement, conditioning investment decisions and adjusting access to capital terms based upon a company's plan and performance. It is something both publicly traded and private companies need to be aware of. Having an ESG plan in place will benefit your bottom line and expand available business opportunities. This movement is only continuing to grow and getting out ahead of it is vital.

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    27 mins
  • Episode 35: Energy Price Turmoil & the Effect on Consumers

    Nov 9 2021

    Last year, oil prices traded at negative values for the first time ever, and now they are closing in on $100 per barrel. The world is witnessing increased demand post-COVID shutdown at the same time that supply is trying to catch up. Simultaneously, there are many policy decisions driving discrepancy between supply and demand and driving energy prices higher. Listen in for CEA's take on what is going on in the market and why we need to focus on diversifying our energy resources to continue delivering affordable and reliable energy sources for consumers.

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    28 mins
  • Episode 34: Consumer Preferences for Public EV Charging Stations

    Oct 1 2021

    Public charging is a significant part of the EV ownership experience. The ability to charge their vehicle conveniently, is a key factor in the broader adoption of EVs. J.D. Power released a new report, "U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study," that dives into the public charging experience. We spoke with Brent Gruber, senior director of global automotive with J.D. Power, to learn more about this study and the tangibles that consumers are looking for with their EV ownership experience.

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    22 mins
  • Episode 33: Hydrogen Fuel Cells - The Future of Heavy-Duty Transportation?

    Sep 24 2021

    The future of transportation requires stakeholders to decarbonize systems to meet climate and policy demands at a rapid pace. Hyzon Motors is focused on decarbonizing mobility, starting with medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses. To better understand the diversity and complexity of the different energy needs, we spoke with Parker Meeks, Chief Strategy Officer, of Hyzon Motors.

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    22 mins
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