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  • Mo and Max are 80s cinema nerds. They are on a quest to rank, debate, and offer fresh takes on the best of the best from the only decade that matters. From Arnold to Zoltar, they cover it all. That answer your question? Sincerely, Buzzn The Tower
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  • Aug 2 2022
    Rotten Tomatoes has become the preeminent film reviewer. Algorithmic vegetable mathematics provide the average Joe a look at what the pros think, and a look at what the fans think. And while you may not always agree with the rating you can't argue the gospel that is, RottenTomatoes.com As luck would have it, Max stumbled into a Tik Tok were participants were challenged to use Tomatometer ratings as point values, and create watch lists not exceeding certain established limits. Sound confusing? Don't worry, we have an entire episode to explain it. Today on Buzzn The Tower, we'll make a list of five movies each that cannot exceed 120 points. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always the person whose love for Howard The Duck almost singlehandedly destroyed our podcast, Max Sanders. And with that, let's talk Tomatoes!
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  • Jul 26 2022
    According to the internet, here's a list of the worst films made in the 1980s... Mac and Me No Holds Barred Smokey And The Bandit III Supergirl Dream A Little Dream Jaws: The Revenge She's Out Of Control The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Teen Wolf Too Superman IV: The Quest For Peace Police Academy 4, 5, and 6 And last but certainly not least, Howard The Duck! Yet despite being one of the worst films ever made, one cohost of Buzzn The Tower prays at the webbed foot altar of this film. Today on Buzzn The Tower, I will attempt to understand why Max loves Howard The Duck. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always the DARK OVERLORD to my Cajun sushi restaurant, Max Sanders. And with that...
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  • Jul 19 2022
    I'm Mo Shapiro, you might know me from such podcasts as Buzzn The Tower. I like John Hughes, Predator, and karaoke. I don't like rats, Howard The Duck, or Max...my cohost. More important than any of that, I love The Goonies! Over the last eighteen months and eighty-five episodes I have tried to dedicate an entire episode to the Donner/Spielberg classic a number of times, but my cohost/arch nemesis has prevented me from living out my dream. Through shrewd negotiation I am happy to announce that today on Buzzn The Tower we will talk about all things Goonies as I defend my love for the greatest film ever made. I'm Mo Shapiro and joining me as always the Troy to my Bran, Max Sanders. And with that... Mo...YOU GOOOOOOOONIE!
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