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  • Hosts and life-long best friends Angela Lin and Jesse Lin explore their identities as Asian-Americans through the lens of their first-generation upbringings and how those influences have shaped how they see the world and their place in it. Each episode explores a different topic of identity or common struggle, with many episodes featuring special guests from both the Asian & broader POC communities bringing their unique perspectives. These are thoughts from people your parents would be disappointed in. Angela and Jesse are not related, but might as well be. Instagram: @whereareyoufrompod
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  • S4 EP01 - 13 Going on 30

    Jun 11 2021

    We are now entering the third decade of our lives - that's right, yours truly(s) are both in their thirties now.

    But what's the big deal about the big three-oh anyways? In our opener to season 4 (!), we take a look at what it means to be in our thirties. We discuss some of the most anxiety-inducing topics associated with this decade, from job choices to personal life decisions. Listen to the expectations we set for ourselves as we compare where we are today to where we thought we would be. And finally, join us as we try to forecast the next decade of our lives - the forties. 

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    35 mins
  • But Where Are You Really From Presents Reel Asian Podcast - "Princess Mononoke" with Raymond Luu, Alan Duong, Renee Ya, Baldwin Diep

    May 14 2021

    While we recharge and plan out new content for y'all in Season 4, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to other awesome voices from the AAPI community. This week, we're featuring Reel Asian Podcast, a podcast dedicated to exploring the stories and themes of Asian and Asian-American film. 

    In this episode, the Reel Asian Podcast crew took a look at the timeless anime epic, Princess Mononoke (1997). Directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, this instant classic touches upon themes that are still very relevant today, such as environmentalism, capitalism, and our personal responsibility to the natural world.  They also talk about their favorite anime growing up, and who "won" Princess Mononoke. 

    Follow Reel Asian Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!

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    56 mins
  • S3 EP14 Let's Get Intimate

    Apr 30 2021

    Warning: NSFW topic ahead!

    We are putting it all out there this week and talking sex and intimacy. What did we learn (or not learn) about sex growing up in our Asian households? How it works, who is "allowed" to have it, and under what circumstances it's "ok" to have it. And how did the taboo around talking about or having sex affect us in terms of our personal understandings of what sex is actually like, what we enjoy, and what will work well in a relationship? 

    Spoiler alert: it absolutely stunted our development and we are still learning about ourselves today. 

    We also discuss what intimacy means for us and how it's distinct from simply the act of sex, and what advice we have for you based on all the roadblocks we've gone through ourselves. 

    This is our last episode of Season 3. We'll be back with Season 4 in a couple of weeks. If you've enjoyed what you've heard from our podcast so far, there are a bunch of ways you can support us - you can rate and review us on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, tell a friend, follow us on Instagram (@whereareyoufrompod), buy our merch on our website (butwhereareyoureallyfrompodcast.com), or support us on buy me a coffee (buymeacoffee.com/whereareyoufrom). Thank you, and see you in a few weeks!

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    31 mins

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