5 episodes
  • Bot Bytes: S1E5 "If we could talk to the Robots!"

    Nov 29 2020

    Special guest Adam Harrold, CEO of Humley (www.humley.com) schools us on Intelligent Automation, Conversational AI and gives his insights into how Humley is really driving user connectivity and experience between people and robots.

    Additional content and a demo of Humley Conversational AI available at: https://vimeo.com/482507011/bef2fae1e6

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    50 mins
  • Bot Bytes: S1E4 "Big Business Tech for Small Business Benefit"

    Nov 8 2020

    Extra long episode with special guest Jonathan Fox from Foxability (www.foxability.com) to talk about 'Xero' application integration and the art of the possible using Robotic Process Automation for smaller businesses to exploit enterprise technology solutions.

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    49 mins
  • Bot Bytes: S1E3 "Marketing the Robots"

    Sep 19 2020

    In this episode we chat with Simone Mahedy of IceBlueSky Marketing (www.icebluesky.com) about her distinguished career in the technology sector from the early days of marketing EDI and business process integration tools to the present day and the exciting world of Robotic Process Automation.

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    28 mins
  • Bot Bytes: S1E2 "Day in the Life of a Bot Builder"

    Sep 19 2020

    In this episode we talk with Matt Axten, RPA Developer at Lawrence & Wedlock about his untypical journey into the world of RPA and a more typical day in the life of a robot builder.

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    25 mins
  • Bot Bytes: S1E1 "A New Start for Shivz"

    Sep 19 2020

    In our first ever episode of Bot Bytes, we decided to start by focusing on the people behind the bots at Lawrence & Wedlock, and especially with the impact on employment that COVID-19 is having at this time, we wanted to talk to our existing staff and newest recruits about the career opportunities that RPA has opened up.

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    20 mins