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  • Inspiring stories from the visually impaired community. Sharing advances and innovation in accessible technology for those with low vision. Visit our website at blindlikeme.net
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  • James Warnken

    Oct 22 2021

    I was diagnosed when I was 9 years old with genetic retinal dystrophy. My vision has gotten worse over time and has settled with where it currently sits at 2200/20. I graduated from college in the spring of 2020 with a bachelor's in business marketing. I currently work as a digital marketing specialist for Apex Communications Network with my own marketing LLC on the side called Clear Vision Marketing and Media. I do everything from building/designing websites to optimizing them for search engines and even running search/social ads. I recently began to dive into the world of web accessibility, and am working to obtain certifications that will allow me to consult, work on, and improve accessibility across the web. Through some great mentorship,. tons of research, and critical thinking, I believe this si the space I am meant to go into and plan to make as big of an impact as humanly possible

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  • Kimberly Solis

    Sep 22 2021

    This week on Blind Like Me, we hat with Kimberly Solis.  Kimberly is the Blind Woman taking over on Tik Tok, her goal is to educate the sighted world about the blind and visually impaired. 

    you can find her on Tik Tok @kimberlyann80 

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  • Clement Luah a.k.a Siana Blaze

    Jul 23 2021

    This week I chat with Clement a.k.a Siana Blaze. 

    Just over 20 years ago I sustained a head injury that caused my right eye to create a cataract and after surgery and without proper healing started you has been built over the lens and covered it so I am completely blind. My left eye had started going blurry in the middle of 2019 but thought was due to stress as I went to see my doctor and that’s what they said. When lockdown happen in 2020 things started shifting downward and I try to get a doctors appointment but everything was closed due to lockdown. By the time I was able to get a doctors appointment it was not till the fall of 2020. I have been waiting for the surgery for my left eye which was supposed to be a routine cataract surgery but has been pushed back due to delays in certain time because of the pandemic. Growing up I grew up as a very artistic child. And had a wonderful opportunity to work as a professional circus from when I was a teenager till my lovely adult life. Then I found the love of drag. I have been a drag queen performing professionally all over Canada and the United States for the past 16 years. I am also a pass empress of Vancouver Canada which basically was a title that was elected by my community and I was crowned and got to fund raise money for my community.

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