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Are you new to bitcoin? Are you already experienced with bitcoin? Whether you are just starting out or already a pro, this guidebook is perfect for you! This book provides some of the best tips and tricks for buying, selling, and even mining bitcoin. This book is divided into three easy chapters that include the 21 best steps for buying, selling, and mining bitcoin. These steps include:

  • Picking your exchange
  • Finding good sellers to work with
  • Selling through direct trades
  • Selling through exchange trades
  • Understanding the rules of identity verification for sellers
  • Understanding the rules of Bitcoin Mining
  • Finding the right mining pool
  • Choosing the right hardware and software for mining
  • Bitcoin storage
  • And many more!

With these tips and tricks you can get started with bitcoin today. Bitcoin is one of the best known digital currencies out there and there are already thousands of people taking advantage of its great uses and making a lot of money with it. Why not join them? You will learn how to join them today in this great 21 Step Guide to Buying, Selling, and Mining Bitcoin.

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