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Biochemistry: The University Student Survival Guide to Ace Biochemistry

Narrated by: Joseph Wosik
Length: 2 hrs and 19 mins
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Publisher's Summary

With the help of this guide, you will easily pass your post-secondary course on biochemistry. Mr. Donelly has 17 years experience as a university professor.

It is possible to break science into different specialties like biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, anatomy, and physiology. Biochemistry brings biology and chemistry together by allowing chemical knowledge and techniques to help explain biological issues. Biochemistry is best described by stating that biochemists assess processes on a molecule level. They examine cells, such as proteins and organelles, looking for the way cells communicate, grow, or stop illness. If you think about it, there is very little that separates one organism from another; it is just how the units stack up that determines the nature of it.

The difference between cellulose and starch is all that determines the difference between a tree and a potato.

In biochemistry, you will study the chemistry of living organisms on a molecular level. Organic chemistry is often required in colleges and universities before biochemistry because living organisms are based on carbon. Organic chemistry studies the relationship of carbon to living organisms, as well as other molecules required to live.

Biochemists study processes of digestion at a cellular level, or they may study an individual electron transport within a particular cell.

This study aid will help you explore biochemistry in more straightforward terms to help you succeed in your course. You may not need every chapter in this resource depending on when you pick it up. However, it is encouraged that you use it for a review as your final edges closer to help you re-examine concepts that may have been tough in the beginning weeks of class.

Each chapter will overview relevant terms, explain the concept in easy-to-understand words, and have questions for you to answer.

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