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  • Better World Leaders shares experiences, journeys and insights with leaders who are making our world better. Each episode we explore their stories, what they have learnt through their lives and careers and what they are doing to contribute to making our world better. From these conversations we can all learn from their example and experience to improve ourselves and enhance how we as leaders can make the world better for all.
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  • Jul 2 2020
    How to take the next small step towards a better world...

    In this final episode of the first our first season, our purpose is to provide a guide to enable you to make progress on your own path towards making, creating and leading towards a better world.

    Better World Leaders host and producer Tim Collings reflects on the combination of his own experience and the insights shared with the leaders who have joined us throughout the powerful conversations created so far.

    In summary, there are 5 steps to build and move along this progressive pathway;

    - Hear the call to recognise your purpose and confront the need to change
    - Make the commitment to change
    - Facilitate the environment for success
    - Use what you have
    - Keep learning as you go, and always be looking for the next small step

    This all begins with doing the work in and on yourself to make the space, to pause and pay attention so that you can hear the call, and then on from there.

    We look forward to brining the second season of Better World Leaders to you, beginning July 24. See you all there!

    Until then,
    Be well, lead well, and build a better world.
    Tim & the team at Better World Leaders & 4iLeadership

    Extracts from guest conversations with Victoria Foster, Sherif Hassanein, Barbara Meister, Rachel Abel and Ben Bowen.

    You can explore the conversations with each of these leaders in full via the episode pages here, or reach out to them directly to include them in your onward journey;

    Episode 3 – Ben Bowen, Together is how we achieve the bigger outcome

    Episode 6 – Victoria Foster, Leaders need to confront that everything might need to change
    Get in touch with Victoria - https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoriafoster/

    Episode 7 – Sherif Hassanein, Balance, Values & Behaviours create and sustain leadership success
    Get in touch with Sherif - https://www.linkedin.com/in/hassanein1/

    Episode 8 – Barbara Meister, Be courageous & challenge what we can achieve in life

    Episode 9 – Rachel Abel, What do you want to do as a leader to move your community forward?
    Get in touch with Rachel - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-abel/

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    32 mins
  • Jun 25 2020
    Episode 9 of Better World Leaders, with Rachel Abel.It is one of those rare and joyful moments when you meet someone for the first time, and immediately fall into an active, intuitive and invigorating dialogue. One that’s driven by shared values, heartful openness to create impactful change and a mutual purpose propelling both of you towards the same end point.That was my first interaction with Rachel Abel, which I share with you here. If you live your values, if you know your purpose and if you want to engage community and improve your leadership to help make the world better, this conversation most certainly is for you. And if not, stay tuned and you might just learn a thing or two along the way!Rachel is committed to responsible, ethical leadership and social change. She focuses on delivering measurable benefits by working collaboratively within strong networks. She believes that developing future leaders who understand social impact and take responsibility for their place in the world will find the answers to contemporary complex challenges.With a background in both public sector leadership and academic research and teaching, Rachel is currently focused on developing programs that bring community building to business and professional networks. Her career has taken her from front line service delivery, thorough to the board room and executive team, to coaching leaders and teaching leadership on the no 1 ranked Australian MBA program. She understands how the right decisions taken at the top can have positive and real impact in the community. The questions Rachel kept coming back to were how can we help people create genuine personal connections? How can we support businesses in building meaningful community connections with customers and staff, and create shared value for everyone? What tools can we give people to create supportive, proactive professional networks that elevate their career impact?This led Rachel to launch her new 'Belonging is Better' program, an innovative research-based approach to changing the conversation about workplace culture. And the new way to build a raving fan customer base who can’t wait to book you or buy your next product. Belonging is Better supports high performing, connected business and workplace communities to thrive and build lasting relationships. This is where science meets practice and we find what works, bringing together research from Sociology, Psychology and Behavioural Economics to the organisational perspective. Learn more at www.rachelabel.comThe key messages within this conversation are;- To develop a regular reflective practice – as one of the best ways to continually learn and develop as a leader.- To consider who has most impacted on your leadership journey, and to learn from those interactions.- That as a culture or community that develops leaders, it’s crucial that we invest in providing leadership opportunities early in life.- Furthermore, that opportunities are provided for emerging leaders to spend time ‘at the table’ with those they view as being much more senior than them.- To learn to listen; Whether that is by seeking feedback from colleagues, team members, clients or customers, or finding ways like co-creation sessions to listen actively.- To align your leadership to your values - be clear not only within yourself, but communicate those values to the people around you- To consider your impact - What do you want to be known for? How can you best serve others? What lasting impact can you make in your career?You can get in touch with Rachel here -Connect on linked in - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-abel/Follow on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/headofmakingfriends/And on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RachelAbelTMPListen to her podcast - The Missing Piece on Spotify or iTunesAdditional resources as mentioned by Rachel;https://www.rachelcargle.com/https://helloseven.co/townhall-2/https://bthechange.com/tagged/covid-19
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    57 mins
  • Jun 18 2020
    Barbara is a world record holding skydiver, a Transformation Executive, Charity Director and all-round superstar that I have always been greatly inspired by ever since I first met her over a decade ago.

    What I didn’t realise until we had this conversation was how little I knew about her background, her intrinsic drivers and the depth of knowledge and expertise over such a wide range of matters relating to high performance. So I’m very glad to be able to share this conversation with you here.

    Barbara grew up in rural Switzerland in a seemingly idyllic childhood location close to the northern mountain ranges. Her up-bringing was far from ordinary however, with a combination of traumatic events and an early introduction to high performance competitive sports setting her on a journey that defines her drive and leadership achievements today.

    She works now as a Transformation Executive in a major Australian corporate, as funding Director of a Northern Beaches not-for-profit organisation ‘Share the Spark’, supporting youth going through hardship, and also as an Executive Coach at 4iLeadership. And amongst this all, she fits in what she modestly refers to as ‘sport’, as a competitive crossfit athlete, a paraglider, a freediver and most impressively as a world-record holding formation skydiver.

    Barbara shares many meaningful, insightful and informative views, perspectives and imparts invaluable advice combining her experiences as a high performer in both corporate and high-risk sporting fields.

    They key messages are;
    - The key role of leadership is to build networks of trust that facilitate the environment for success to be achieved.
    - That leaders need to appreciate that not everyone wants to be a high performer. But what we typically celebrate are ONLY the high performers. What we should celebrate is the team accomplishments and everyone’s role in the play, that everyone shows up so the whole team can perform.
    - To do this better, leaders need to empower the individuals and their teams to be comfortable with who they are and with who they want to be.
    - Especially in high pressure environments, high risk endeavours, and in uncertain conditions, as a leader you must be particularly aware of how you are dealing with stress and randomness.
    - That the psychological side is much under-developed in most leaders, and that this can be the key enabler or imp
    - That her role as a leader is to inspire others to be courageous and challenge what they can achieve in life

    You can get in touch with Barbara via LinkedIn here https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbara-meister-80ab904/
    or 4iLeadership here https://4ileadership.com/us/

    You can find out more about the great work that Share the Spark are doing here - http://sharethespark.org.au/
    You can find out more about the next skydiving world record challenge that Barbara is taking on next year here - https://www.brokenrecords.world/about-1

    Thank you for your time and attention, we look forward to sharing the next Better World Leaders conversation with you soon.
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