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Sixty-six percent of people with Asperger's syndrome contemplate suicide due to depression. Travis shares his story of how he beats the depression of AS by learning to stay true to himself and build confidence in having autism. Learn how Travis tries to let his aspie traits ring loud and proud as he builds friendships and relationships with other people all while creating the happiness he truly deserves.

Once, Travis thought he had to mask or hide his autism in order to fit in and make friends. Today, Travis wants his autism to shine through so others can see how awesome he is. This was a very hard mind-set to develop and something he still struggles with to this day. Nonetheless, Travis is much happier when he embraces his autism and isn't focused on trying to learn social skills.

In this audiobook, you'll learn how Travis gave up on social-skills coaching in order to be his true aspie self. Listen along as he shares his battle with depression and suicide along with how he has coped and overcome some very negative feelings and turned them into positive feelings. It will always be a never-ending journey for Travis with depression, but by embracing autism, he is slowly becoming less depressed and enjoying some true happiness. 

In this audiobook, Travis tries to show the listener how he overcomes depression in order to be happy and successful living with Asperger's syndrome.

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