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  • For so many modern, driven women, life is about being more than one thing. We’re multidimensional—and so are our conversations. We carry multiple identities; we can be both mother and artist; both attorney and entrepreneur. Both clinician and CEO. Both humble and proud. Life for women like us is about both. About…all of the above. It’s about the “and”... Presenting, ‘And She Spoke, our brand new show that peels back the different layers of entrepreneurship so we can dive into the messy, the chaotic, and the heartfelt stories and lessons that define the lives of the entrepreneurs we know. You’ll hear from successful female entrepreneurs about how they’ve grown their businesses, how current events have affected, the role money, mindset, and philosophy play in shaping the kind of business you run. Think of And She Spoke as an inner circle of successful women in business having honest conversations about how they got there, the road bumps in the way, and their big plans for the future. We’re setting aside the tactics, and we’re stepping into our truth. We hope you’ll join us.
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  • May 24 2022

    Web3 is upon us. 

    And if you struggle to understand it, you aren’t alone. In addition to being an  extremely male-dominated space, it’s also stuffed to the brim with jargon, all sorts of things we never learned in school, and a heckuva lot of uncertainty. (And what’s up with the cryptobros and apes, really?)

    But a few decades ago, people felt the same about the internet. And now, we can’t imagine life without it. 

    NFTs, cryptocurrency, the blockchain and are the result of the evolution of the internet into something more secure, integrated, and functional. And we can already see the effects on several industries like finance, online events, and digital art. 

    In this week’s episode, we’re talking more about Web3, cryptocurrency, and why we as creators and business owners need to learn more about this industry. 

    Here’s what you can expect from this one:

    • Why crypto will affect how you live, work, and buy in the future no matter what business you’re in
    • The importance of participating in the Web3 conversation as a female business owner or creator
    • A foundational understanding of Web3 terms that we hear all the time (blockchain, NFTs, smart contracts, and more!)
    • How NFT art sales work and why they’re revolutionary for the digital art world
    • Understanding the difference between hot wallets and cold wallets
    • Proof of work, proof of stake, and the environmental concerns around Web3 technology
    • Regulations in the NFT space and why you need to know what you’re getting into as a buyer

    (If you’re thinking of clicking away from this episode because it’s not your speed, we’re going to urge you to explore that for a second!)

    Since it exists online, the creator economy is going to witness massive waves of change as the influence of Web3 grows. So, as a creator or online business owner, you’ll be impacted either way, so you might as well get a head start.

    So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, get your good stationery out, and get ready to take some serious notes as you tune into this episode!

    This Week’s Joy:

    Jenni has been loving spending her time growing microgreens with her family! It’s a super fun hobby, it’s extremely healthy, and it’s also a great way to cut down food costs because you literally get to eat what you sow.

    This Week’s Hustle:

    In her quest to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency, Sandy found the true-crime documentary Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King. And in addition to being a very gripping story, it’s a great way to wrap your head around Web3 concepts and how they work. 


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  • May 17 2022

    Today’s guest has one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, fascinating jobs we’ve ever heard of. 

    All our lives, we’ve thought of art and medicine as two completely different pillars – one encourages us to think subjectively while the other is more objective and rational. 

    But, artist-turned-medical educator Alexa Miller proved us so wrong. 

    And we’re glad she did!

    Most of us are in the business of movement. We help people figure out their bodies, improve their health, and even diagnose some basic physical conditions. 

    And for us to do our jobs in the most effective way possible, Alexa’s unique way of combining art with medicine and diagnosis is game-changing. 

    Alexa got started on this path over two decades ago, when she went to London to attend art school. She had always been passionate about understanding the human body and researching human resilience and her yearning to learn more about it led her to the Wellcome Trust, an incredible reserve of medical history and images in London. 

    As she was studying the images, she was struck by how the medical text directed people to look at patients. 

    As an artist, she was always encouraged to interpret, ponder upon her thoughts, and dissect the different emotions she felt about the works she created and studied. 

    On the other hand, the medical text encouraged her to make quick decisions. She wasn’t allowed to mull over, dissect, or think critically about what she was seeing. 

    The experience was so jarring, that it prompted her to consider something she’d never thought about before: 

    Is it possible to improve medical observation and diagnostic skills through art?

    And that question changed her life.

    It led her to work with some of the most reputed medical schools and museums in the country; teaching medical learners how to transcend some of the dehumanizing aspects of the hospital culture and use the tools of artists and great diagnosticians to observe, listen to, and co-create health with their patients. 

    In today’s episode, she’ll be sharing her knowledge so YOU can improve your own work with the human body through art. 

    Here’s what you can expect from this one:

    • How Alexa’s own family history prompted her interest in the human body
    • Why she teaches entire classes around the concept of uncertainty
    • How she hopes to bring teamwork back into clinical practice
    • The dire consequences if uncertainty is handled poorly
    • How she helps physicians speak to their patients each other by getting them to rigorously analyze art
    • Why it’s important for those who work with human bodies to stop, step back, and think about their diagnosis from different angles
    • The implications of her teachings on public health

    And more!

    If you want to experience the human body from a refreshingly new perspective, this episode is for you. 

    Once you’re done listening, find us on Instagram (@heymarvelous) and tell us the most important thing you learned from today’s episode!


    The Wellcome Trust

    Power of Teamwork - Brian Goldman

    Section 4

    This Week’s Joy:

    Alexa has been loving the process of building her garden, even getting 3,000 pounds of dirt delivered to her house for it!

    This Week’s Hustle:

    Jeni and Alexa met at a Section 4 class and both of them can’t recommend it enough! Section 4 is an online business school aiming to make top-tier business education accessible (and affordable!) to all. That means you feel like you’re sitting in a business class at Wharton with the best minds in the country.

    The only difference?

    It costs just $83 a month!

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  • Apr 26 2022
    People pleasing can feel necessary sometimes. Especially when you’re in the early stages of running a business. But, when does the urge to please ALL your clients become destructive?It’s easy to keep your clients happy when you're starting out and your audience is small. However, as your business grows, it gets trickier.No matter what you do, there are going to be clients who don’t agree with you.And sometimes, they won’t just be trolls on the internet. They’ll be long-term, loyal, paying clients who decide to stop supporting you the minute you make a decision that doesn’t align with their beliefs.Take Peloton, for instance. Just a few weeks ago, Peloton announced that they were increasing the prices of their monthly subscription plan by $5 for the first time in seven years. Now to us as business owners, this decision made perfect sense. Peloton is struggling to maintain the massive momentum they gained as the pandemic hit in 2020. And higher prices is the most logical way for them to combat their financial struggles. Plus, the $5 increase also came with a host of brand new features like 500 new monthly classes, 45 new instructors, and 4 new in-built products, just to name a few.But long-time Peloton fans were NOT happy. Reactions ranged from “I can’t believe we’re getting punished for buying the bike” to “your new sales strategy is just inconveniencing existing members”. And suddenly, Peloton was being painted as some evil overlord looking to steal pennies off of their innocent clients. And while the negative feedback you receive might not be at the same scale as Peloton, it’s important to think critically about client backlash. How do you deal with long-term clients turning their back on you? How do you respond when constructive feedback crosses over to negativity? And why does this happen in the first place?Those are just some of of the questions we’re looking to answer in today’s episode.Here’s what you can expect from this one:How to deal with criticism when you’re used to staying in the edgesThe kind of feedback we’ve received in our own businessesWhy female founders are always judged harshly for ‘daring’ to growOur constant battle between leadership and humilityWhy opinions should be taken as neutralAnd more!If you’ve been losing sleep over those comments on your latest Instagram post, or want to know how to deal with criticism as it comes, this is the episode for you!Once you’re done listening, find us on Instagram (@heymarvelous) and talk to us about a few comments that you’ve gotten from clients. How did you deal with them?RESOURCESMarvelous.bioPeloton’s Price Increase PostThe Billion Dollar Loser - Reeves WiedemanCopina TeaThis Week’s Joy:We’re both fans of tea (with Jeni even buying, no lies, 12 whole pounds of it recently) and Copina’s collagen-boosted ones are a godsend for our hair, skin, and nails! This Week’s Hustle:If you’ve been as fascinated by the insane rise and fall of WeWork’s Adam Neumann as we are, ‘The Billion Dollar Loser’ by Reeves Wiedeman is the perfect read to get all caught up. This podcast is brought to you by the Marvelous online teaching platform.Marvelous is an easy-to-use platform that helps you build and sell your own courses memberships and live-streamed programs. Go from idea to open for business in just minutes. Unlike other startups, Marvelous was created by women for women. If you're looking for a simple, streamlined way to build and grow an online business. You can learn more at Marvelous.
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