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Publisher's Summary

Good American citizens have gotten sidetracked. We need to first look in the mirror and then to act together to reclaim the heart of our democracy. This is author, lecturer, and Jungian psychoanalyst Bud Harris’ impassioned message in America Now, his 14th and possibly most personal book. Dr. Harris takes aim at bubble-living, positive thinking, corporate and political greed, unmanageable health care, and goading media. His highly relatable journey may well be the call to action you need to hear.  

This book isn’t a rant about politics; rather, Dr. Harris targets several mirrors to look into, including

  • Our personal and collective shadows where we hide traits that would keep us from looking perpetually successful, caring, and accomplished - and the subsequent “bubble” we live in
  • Our unhealthy reliance on positive-thinking mores that ultimately undermines us
  • Our acquiescence to an economic system that diminishes people and denies them the essentials of life that would give them “a chance, through hard work and devotion, to fulfill the promise of their sacred lives”
  • The health care and mental health care sinkholes so many people fall into
  • A seeming addiction to anger and despair that is stoked by the media

In America Now, Bud Harris describes these reflections both ruthlessly and compassionately and invites the emergence of the strengthening “golden shadow” of outrage.

©2018 Bud Harris (P)2018 Bud Harris

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