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Accelerated Learning

Learn More in Less Time, Direct Your Own Education and Teach Yourself Anything with Self-Learning. Including Diy-Exercises!
Narrated by: George Johnson
Length: 2 hrs and 14 mins
Categories: Self Development, How-To

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Publisher's Summary

Effective ways to learn when you are both the student and the teacher. Dramatically improve you learning curve and save yourself countless hours.

Not only is self-learning a crucial skill to have when you’re in college or any kind of guided training, self-learning paves your way to master any skill you need to achieve your dreams and goals without paying expensive fees for classroom trainings. As a self-learner, aka an autodidact, you need to be both the student and the teacher. This can be intimidating at times especially for complex topics. And acquiring the right mindset and tools to become an effective autodidact can be a life task.

In order to provide you with only the most actionable advice and step-by-step guidance we did our research and dug deep into the science behind accelerated learning, auto-didacticism, cognitive psychology, speed reading, knowledge processing, and retention techniques and much more.

Instead of boring you with scientific facts and figures, we then condensed our findings into simple, pragmatic and actionable advice for you. And yes, following the practical step-by-step guides will dramatically improve you learning curve and save yourself countless hours along the way.

  • Dissect complex topics into simple, easy-to-digest bits and pieces.
  • Learn how to set yourself up for success as a self-learner.
  • Discover surprisingly simple yet highly effective tools methods to build your expertise from the ground.
  • Dramatically increase your memory retention capabilities and develop a memory like an elephant.
  • Establish key-habits to constantly improve your self-learning capabilities and fulfill your life-goals .

Because theory without practice is worthless, each chapter incorporates our proven DIY exercises to put your knowledge into action. Gain the “unfair advantage” and get yourself access to the tools, methods and advice that will bring your learning skills to the next level.

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