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Publisher's Summary

A Dark and Hungry Storm is the third and final installment in the Storm Series Trilogy and draws this classic tale to an end.  

Jack Rothgal desperately attempts to fulfill his destiny and become the Ultimate Spirit Warrior and regain the Twin Kingdoms for his little sister. Deep within her palace in the city of Deep Lake, Queen Rebecca Rothgal works tirelessly to protect the Twin Kingdoms against all threats, including her big brother. And as the Rothgal family feud rages, the Year of Blood fast approaches; the hidden forces hinted at in Scions of the Storm finally make themselves known, and nothing will be the same again.  

Meanwhile, in a forest in the far north of the kingdom, something long thought dead stirs and stretches, as a demonic and chilling sound emits from his heavily scarred face.

©2018 Alan Scott (P)2018 Alan Scott

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