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5 Stages of Custody and Divorce

Grief and Loss in 20 minutes (Divorce Court, Book 18)
By: J.B. Snow
Narrated by: Mike Ingram
Series: Divorce Court
Length: 23 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Over half of all people living in the world today experience divorce. But what comes with divorce and custody battles? Surely, we feel both positive and negative emotions during the most difficult and transformative time in our lives. Surely, our ex and our children are going through some profound senses of loss - loss of dreams and loss of future plans. Loss of belongings, their home, their car, loss of family, loss of children.

Some divorcees go through significantly more difficulty in adjusting than other. Some parents handle divorce like a business deal, particularly if they weren’t bonded emotionally to their partner to begin with. Some partners have no ability to bond with their marital mate, and thus they jump ship at the first chance of some improved financial circumstances.

If you are struggling with the divorce and custody battle, especially if you are in a highly contentious, high conflict divorce - you need to read the divorce court series by J.B. Snow. We show you how to be more likeable in court to enhance your chances of a positive outcome. We show you what parental alienation syndrome looks like, and we warn you of the tactics that can and will be used against you in court.

The court room is filled with lies and deceit and bribery and corruption in some areas. If you aren’t prepared for this when you walk into the courtroom, you will lose. Even a person who goes through two to three divorces still isn’t prepared for the catastrophic affects the courtroom process has on their emotions and their family. This is especially difficult for people who don’t want a divorce.

A person who doesn’t want a divorce especially struggles to understand why his or her partner would put a family though the family court system to begin with. A cruel and self-centered partner is all about strategizing like this is a competition and a business deal. The court personnel treat you like you’re just another family on the conveyor line heading toward the chopping block. They don’t have much sympathy or empathy for you or your family - they believe you did something or your ex did something to get you to this place in the first place.

This book will walk you through some of the feelings you will experience during and after a divorce and/or custody battle.

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