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  • A Veterans mission to help save lives by giving people a safe place to share their stories through film, music and media! Why? Losing people, especially our own kids to suicide is absolutely gut wrenching. Losing 22 Veterans a day is bullshit and I was almost one of them! I will continue to stop at nothing until we get that number down to ZERO! We share stories of those who have gone through traumas/tragedies, but how they've been able to overcome them because somebody needs to hear it. Is that somebody you?
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  • May 1 2022

    You know what's cool, is when you start hearing stories from those on the inside who are willing to share some of the madness that only those involved really know. When I first heard Randy's story, my jaw hit the floor more than once. To be honest, it's probably still on the floor.

    Join us as we sit down with Randy as he shares with us how he has taken his traumas, tragedies and headaches he endured as a police officer and turned it into a much needed resource for inured/disabled police officers.

    Get ready for an amazing episode and special thanks to Randy Sutton for being on. We appreciate all that you do!

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    33 mins
  • Apr 15 2022

    Have you ever wondered what life if like on the other side? Or what happens when you die? Better yet, if you could survive laying out in sub zero degree weather bleeding out for 14 plus hours wondering if this is it? If so, do we have an episode for you! We have been waiting a very long time to get this next guest on, BUT, the time has finally arrived and we couldn't be more excited.

    Nate is not only a Marine Corps. Veteran but a retired Kansas City Police Officer with a story like none other. When he first shared his story with me, I damn near cried while trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.

    Join us today as we sit down with Nate as he shares his incredible story of surviving a near fatal crash that not only took his leg, but damn near took his life. We love this dude and know you will to!!

    Music: "Miracle" by ONLAP (Spotify, Apple Music)

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    1 hr and 2 mins
  • Mar 28 2022

    This was by far the most hilarious show we've done to date. Freakin Marines are a breed of their own and Karl definitely did not disappoint.

    We love keeping it real on the show so get ready for some hilariously, jaw dropping moments!

    Thank you Karl for one hell of an episode. I would venture to say almost everyone would love to quit the jobs they hate as gangster as you did!!

    Music: "Miracle" by ONLAP (Spotify, Apple Music)

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    46 mins

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