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We invite you to dive back into this award-winning young adult reverse harem paranormal series for those who love the romance of Twilight, the action of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the quick wit of Gilmore Girls, and the dark humor of Supernatural.  

For 17-year-old Echo Midnight Navarri, life in Port Royal is calm and peaceful. 

Compliant. Happy. Safe. 

But somethings amiss.  

Echo can feel it in her bones, and as the visions intensify, she begins to dig for the truth that only she can uncover.  

Whispers on the wind speak of a dark memory spell that has distorted reality.  

This ancient evil demands a sacrifice.  

But who's to blame?  

And who will pay the ultimate price?   

Be careful what you WITCH for.  

Because sometimes it isn't what you really wanted at all.

©2018 Rue Volley (P)2018 Rue Volley

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