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10 Pills Men Find Hard to Swallow and 10 Pills Women Find Hard to Swallow

Box Set
Narrated by: Helen Cricco
Length: 2 hrs and 1 min
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Publisher's Summary

With the rate of divorce reaching epidemic proportions, one wonders what needs to be done to stem this negative flow and see a decrease in future statistics. Whilst this urgent work must be done by all concerned, we must go back to take a hard look at men and women within existing marriages.

Questions must be answered as to how both parties are actually behaving within marriage; whether they have truly embraced God’s perception (since he is the one that instituted marriage) and then see what must be corrected, so that men and women can experience loving and happy relationships.

It is for this reason I am writing two series of books 10 Pills Men Find Hard To Swallow and 10 Pills Women Find Hard To Swallow with the view of highlighting what individual spouses need to change to facilitate enjoyable and longer lasting marriages.

In these two volumes of books you can expect to be confronted with issues many people would rather sweep under the carpet or skirt around as though it doesn’t exist. No one should consider the author and his wife to have perfectly arrived at the right destination and having no issues to work on.

I assure you that some of the issues highlighted in this book are those we are working on in our marriage. I can report that God is helping us and the same grace is available to you too.

For those who feel disagreeable to what is written in this book, I gladly welcome your comments. Just one thing though. If you are a Christian please argue using biblical scriptures.

If you are not a Christian I will take your arguments any which way you like but I will only respond to constructive and non-abusive feedback.

I sincerely hope we can all work through issues in our marriages so that we can enjoy this wonderful gift of God!


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