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Reasons why I liked this story

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-11-10

It started with the usual formula of the nobleman marrying ,for whatever reason. He wanted the heir and no trouble and she wanted love and equality. Underlying, the trappings of the story was an honest discussion of a women's status in these type of marriages. Each character debated (or though very heated arguments)
the male and female perspective. Julian had the preceived notions on marriage
for the times. Sophy was more progressive. The only difference between a
mistress and a wife, was the later had a retirement plan. Julian's aunt and her female companion had a deep, loving and understanding friendship. The author
questioned the ability of a married man and woman capable of achieving the same . Julian character did develope into a loving and understanding husband, due to Sophy's sheer will. I appreciated the authors attempt to discuss marriage and the role of woman during that time but, being very entertaining in the process.

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Great adventure , atrocious british accent

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-10-10

I thoroughly enjoyed Cat's character. She was misguided by her mother. But,
she was wise enough to learn and be loved by the wonderful and sexy Bones. She was fiesty, vulnerable and a refreshing joy. Bones is 200 plus years old vampire , intellectual enough not only to survive , but develope a sense of morality. Regarding the accent comment, people do drop accents over time. Bones was a beautiful character and the narrator gave him an annoying and distracting accent. I barely made it the last chapter. This was a
4 Star book. The narrator did a good with the other characters. Minus one for someone's poor judgement.

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