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Ultimate inspiration

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-27-08

The only other book I've rated 5 stars is Steven Covey's 7 Habits for Highly Effective People. That got five stars because of the way it helped me shift my paradigm on life. This gets five stars because Bill Stickland's tale is the ultimate in inspiration. It's not preachy, it's not unrealistic even though at times you find yourself saying "Unbelievable!"

The story that sums up Bill's can-do message is a tiny one in the book: He wanted to get his pilot's license but couldn't afford the flight time. So, he found a plane for sale, offered to lease it to the flight school, got a loan from the bank based on that agreement and then used the hours the plane wasn't in use to log the hours to get his commercial license.

Simple but oh so effective. There are even better stories in his book and they all show you how YOU can make the impossible possible.

I'm going to end this review and go out to start achieving some dreams I've been keeping in the back of my mind now. Enjoy the read!

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good story about team building

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-14-08

After reading this book I gave it to my boss, she didn't like the story telling aspect, she just wanted quick lessons. I really enjoyed it, though. The team building strategies presented in this book and the instructional portion at the end were great. Eye opening and unique. Well worth the listen.

Ugh ... boring to listen to

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-12-07

The content of the book is average at best. Basically Anderson Cooper is giving his memoirs of his life's adventures. He's done some interesting things and gone to a lot of cool places but it felt like he was forcing the romance and the drama out of a lot his passages.

The reason I dropped this down to two stars is Anderson reads the audio book and I found him monotonous and to be honest I only got through 3 hours of the book because I found him putting me to sleep on the way to and from work.

I listen to audio books while doing cardio at the gym too and it made me want to stop working out and get a milkshake it was so boring.

Sorry Anderson, I dig you on TV just your book was a non-starter for me.

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Covey does it again!

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-12-07

I had already bought a hard copy of the 8th Habit by the time I was halfway through the audiobook. I just had to digest some of Covey's brilliant but common sense ideas through my eyes and not just my ears.

The 7 habits are a great ground work and will take most of us from behaving like misguided idiots to having meaning and direction ... the 8th habit teaches us how to apply the 7 habits in such a concentrated way that we'll blow the socks off of everyone around us.

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Break from the Pack audiobook cover art

Great ideas all throughout

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-12-07

It seemed like every five minutes I was pulling over to the side of the road to make a note of how I could implement some of the author's ideas at my work. Lots of great meat and very little (if any at all) fluff.

The author argues any company can become a leader in their industry by following specific guidelines and rules. He doesn't tell you to do something specifically (how could he or else everyone would do it) but he does explain how to recognize what you should be doing to break from the pack.

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Brought me back

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-31-07

This narrator on this book was better than any of the stories my parents told me growing up. He had different voices for each character and really kept the story alive with his passion for storytelling.

Aside from the entertainment value of the great story that is Wicked, I also enjoyed the way the author gave you a choice: either you can take the version of the Wizard of Oz the movie as "fact" for what happened or you can take "Wicked's" version of what happened while Dorothy was in Oz.

My favourite aspect of Wicked was what isn't mentioned. As the author describes the political situation of the day in oz you begin to make sense of some of the things in the Wizard that either never made sense or that you never paid attention to before. But now that you've read them in Wicked it gives the Wizard a whole new dimension.

I truly enjoyed this book and made a great road trip even better.

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Changed the way I look at marketing

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-31-07

Very easy to follow but powerful book that I found very helpful for marketing to students at the college I work at. I gave this book four stars because it literally changed how I approach my work. I didn't give it five because it wasn't life altering.

If you like books that bust open the way you've been thinking about processes for years and force you to look at it in a different way then you'll enjoy this book.

The narrator is very good but there were a few times when I found myself drifting into a daze because I found he was sometimes monotonous.

That being said, everyday I listened to this book I was telling someone about what I had just learned.

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Got some great tips

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 01-07-07

A great book, the author had clear objectives for detirmining which companies he would profile and makes the criteria clear when the book begins. I found this particularly helpful because when I was listening to the examples of what made certain companies effecient I was able to detirmine if it was applicable to my company (I have just two employees, so the likelihood of myself running into some of the situations the CEOs and executives in the book had to tackle is less likely).

The narrator is easy to listen to and is excited about the topic making it sound more like listening to someone who's bought into the theories and is excited to share it with you opposed to some narrators who are monotous and make you fall asleep at the wheel (I listen to mine in the car).

I didn't give it five stars because I wasn't being blown away every five minutes. My five star rating has gone to the 7 Habits, so if you're reading this review and also feel 7 Habits is a five star book then you'll probably be very excited with Less is More as well. Of the 24 business and self-help books I've read in the last 14 months, this is definitely in the top three.

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I usually hate fiction

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-13-06

Most of my purchases here are non-fiction. Business, comedy, etc. However I had to read this book because everyone I knew was talking about it. I would find myself driving around the block and extra time to wait until the end of the chapter (which there are many of - some quite short).

At one point I think I actually said "no way!" when a plot twist was revealed. A little heavy at some times when the characters are explaining the ins and outs of the christian this and church that. It did get a little tiring - but it makes you appreciate the research and thought Dan Brown put into this novel.

Finally - the narrater is supberb. I hope I can tell bedtime stories to my children with as many voices as this dude used!