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Do Your Homework!

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-29-18

I am appalled! I grew up in (LANK-uster). I know the (HAY-jost (rhymes with ghost) family and the STEEBL-ton family. John GOOSH-man was a respected leader. There is no Bis Road or prison. There does exist a B.I.S. (bee-eye-ess) Road - I’ve never heard of the facility referred to as the B.I.S. prison since the reformatory school closed and the transformation to a minimum security prison was completed. The author, Brian Alexander, worked for me for a short time while a broken bone was healing. How is it that the readers do not check pronunciations prior to recording? This is one book that I should have read. Listening to the mis-pronunciations was unbearable. I will likely never listen to another reading by Bob Souer. He has a good voice, but he has lost credibility as a reader. Painful. Brian’s work was spot-on and my walk around town yesterday as I listened to the final chapters was surreal.

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