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Reviewed: 04-28-13

The author thoroughly explains the Second Amendment in a clear and easy to understand format and gives a fact-based explanation that should be heard by everyone on both sides of the gun control debate, as the information contained in this audiobook is definitely an irrefutable rebuttal to claims commonly made by pro-gun groups, which could possibly serve the purpose of causing some pro-gun groups to change their stand and support gun control regulation because of the irrefutable truth in this audiobook based on factual information. The author unequivocally proves Americans have been lied to by pro-gun groups throughout the years and he backs up his words with facts that will definitely take the wind out of the sails of pro-gun groups and their supporters. This audiobook should be in the hands of all gun control advocacy groups and individuals to be utilized as a tool to win a debate with pro-gun groups and individuals.

The author lays out the case against insurrections in a democracy and proves the democratic process provides a way to handle grievances against the democratically elected government and he proves his point with examples from history where people who were previously participants in insurrections that were constitutionally suppressed by the government through the Militia went on to use democratic methods to bring governmental change. The author accomplished exactly what he set out to do, which was to thoroughly explain the Second Amendment and prove it is for a “well-regulated militia” for “the security of a free state” and not for insurrections, along with showing everyone that democracy can be utilized to achieve the goals of citizens who are unhappy with the government. The author proves non-violence and democracy is the answer and not individuals rising up against the government with arms i.e. insurrection, based on a false interpretation of the Second Amendment. The author clearly shows the pro-gun insurrection approach is not constitutionally backed under the Second Amendment because that would create a contradiction within the Constitution itself, because suppressing insurrections were the job of a well-regulated militia as provided for in Article 1 Section 8, Article 2, Section 2, and the Second Amendment. The framers of the Constitution were intelligent men and they would not place a contradiction in the Constitution by establishing provisions through Article 1 Section 8, Article 2 Section 2, and the Second Amendment, for a militia to execute the laws of the union, "SUPPRESS INSURRECTIONS" and repel invasions, and then place within the Second Amendment a provision promoting "INSURRECTIONS," as pro-gun groups have deceived many people through a false interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The author is also exactly right about the 1939 United States v. Miller case, as this audiobook backs up that case wholeheartedly, as the 1939 United States Supreme Court upheld the “well-regulated militia” interpretation, which stood for approximately 70 years until it was changed by the 2008 United States Supreme Court.

This audiobook is a must-listen that presents historical facts accurately and is packed with tons of valuable information. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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