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A Man in Full audiobook cover art

The point is...

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-29-08

The point is to buy and then listen to the entire book. Be sure to look for the unabridged version if it's even available. I had read "A Man in Full" when it came out. My wife had never read any of Wolfe's work. We were off on a holiday drive and thought it'd be great entertainment. There is an entire piece of the intertwined story missing! As well as some other details and insights that I definitely missed. I have lived in Atlanta and actually met the author at a cocktail party. I guess I feel like some of the value of the work is diminished. Yes, Wolfe may at times be a bit wordy in his narratives but that's also part of the charm of his observations. We enjoyed Ogden-Stiers in his reading. He is tougher to listen to in the female characters' voice though. Overall, a story that has much that is dead-on regarding Atlanta and in greater measure the types of people in this city and elsewhere. "Man" would have been a good movie if cast properly. I assume The Bonfire of the Vanities film disaster may have scared Hollywood away. Good, but leaves you a bit empty.

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