Dobbs Ferry, NY, USA
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Good story; terrible recording

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-15-09

The most important part: the story is very good. There've been dozens of books based on the idea of magic somehow re-emerging into our modern world. This one is a very creative, very interesting take. It's very well done - it actually considers how things like transportation, food supplies, and economics would be affected. But it doesn't focus on those things - they're just part of the background - but as a part of the background, they help drive the story, and make it feel much more real.
The story itself is fun. It's got interesting, engaging characters, with multiple plot threads that intersect in believable ways.
But on the downside, the recording is the worst I've ever heard. It sounds as if random sentence fragments were recorded at different times, and then re-assembled. It's got awkward edits all over the place, and the narrators voice frequently changes pitch and speed in mid-sentence after an audible click as they switch between different recorded segments. Armin SHimmerman manages to give the different characters very distinctive voices, which is good. But either he couldn't read a single sentence without making an error, causing everything to be spliced from multiple takes, or whoever managed the recording process didn't know what they're doing: at times, it's actively painful to listen to.

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