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Love and Sex with Robots audiobook cover art
  • Love and Sex with Robots
  • The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships
  • By: David Levy
  • Narrated by: James Adams

My mistake I'm sorry?

1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-28-09

I normally do not give out bad advice, feelings, judgments to anyone. Why? What goes around, comes around and I would not want anyone to hurt a rating I would need to be positive (such as when you're dealing on E-bay). So I'll leave this review as, "I hope this helps with this person's (David Levy's) with his doctorate or his university's need to pump out a book. This book is loaded with information that I would enjoy more with my wife than a certain form of AI.

I would think and AI programed to do such sexual things would no doubt do it's job better than my wife, but in the long run - it's not my wife and only a lonely soul would probably need this. I would think being lonely still would not be up to an AI to fix that! Maybe, the opposite single sex would do better to give aid to a person of need! In the long run, this is not the kind of book I would read when trying to find a new scifi book or a non-fiction. I would enjoy the book, "Einstein", (and I listen to that book and enjoyed that) over this book. It's my fault, I thought I was listening to a scifi book when I picked it out! My bad!

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Dragonsong: Harper Hall Trilogy, Volume 1 audiobook cover art

Mythology & Science WORKS!

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 10-09-09

I never read an Anne McCaffrey book I did not like! She is a great writer for kids an adults. That's my opinion and everybody has one so read her books an get your opinion today!

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The Terminal Experiment audiobook cover art

A SciFi Dectective Story

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 09-27-09

It's hard to believe a story of only software programming, when on TV you can enjoy stories of the posi-tronic brain inside DATA on Star Trek-TNG, or holligrams of special rooms allowing whatever your imagination can think of, so you could create stories a person can go into and be a part of that particular story created. All the laws of Issac Asimov are in place so nothing can go wrong? But, in the end something happen and it still does!

So where in time are the pioneers of AI in software RD (Research and Development) to make the future happen as in Star Trek or other SciFi similar to a perfect so called future? It's ironic even in the future these well made products can still (by accident?) can kill you!

To me, this is the story of the pioneers. The people who meant well, but did not think of the little things in life that are dismissed. In the end the mistakes created only caused greater destruction. In the end, it's those mistakes that cause learning to occur. But, this time the price of the mistakes learned - were too high?

As in any SciFi plot it's the mistakes we the reader wish to hear or read about and even though death did occurred it was not enough to create a judge and jury. Nobody goes to prison and the book seems to end too soon? Since I'm not a vilent kind of person, I'm extremely satisfied that the book ended this way so I could let my mind fill in the gaps.

It's a pretty good book for me. So enjoy your healthy lives and "KAPULACH"! It's always a good day to DIE!

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Timescape audiobook cover art

Quantum mechanics 101

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 09-16-09

This is a well thought out slow reading book. I believe the hero scientists of quantum time displacement were attempting to change there future by changing only a small simple past by sending there earlier counter parts of a letter and morse code with the hope of changing their future from a world wide epidemic of sickness and death. Thats about it. The science was good and it wasn't a total waste of time since I'm interested in time displacement. The audio book was easy enough to read and did not mess with my problem of dyslexia.

If you have time to read books, I would still say listen to it, without any interruptions.

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