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The Prometheus Deception audiobook cover art

Missed Details

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 11-21-05

I am an avid reader of espianage and have enjoyed most of the books written by Tom Clancy. I therefore thought I would try A Ludlum work. I found it mildly entertaining, but was put off by some of, what seemed to me, Glaring inconsistancies. For example, We have the hero running through a ship chased by hoards of enemies with nothing but a pistol with one shot in it. In the course of the chase he manages to kill two well armed men in close proximaty, but doesn't think to take the few minutes necessary to take their weapons. Shortly after that we find him in a similar situation and he kills another, and again does not retrieve the weapon. It seems to me he thrives on self destruction. Unfortunately, this book is riddled with such inconsistancies. Another irritating element of this story is how easily he (the protagonist)is persuaded to believe one group or another. He first buys the CIA's story and then reverses when he is told another by Mr. Waller. Given the unreliability of the information he should have at least demanded some substantial proof, or waited to jump on board until he had confirmed the facts. Another problem was his discription of events. They don't make sense. For example, In one scene he is chasing an attacker and fires a shot which he says strikes the combatant in the chest. How was this possible if he was running away. Perhaps he turned to confront our hero, but how then is it possible for him to fall dead after he is shot and be on his stomach. Are we to believe that the assailant after being shot, executed a perfect 360 degree spin and landed on his stomach? Uh, I had a few issues with that. Anyway, I am used to the well thought out plots and well researched stories of Tom Clancy. I will try one more of his books, but it better be better than this one.

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