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  • The Third Option

  • Hope for a Racially Divided Nation
  • By: Miles McPherson, Drew Brees - foreword
  • Narrated by: Miles McPherson
  • Length: 7 hrs and 59 mins
  • Unabridged
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The Third Option is a plea on behalf of a brokenhearted God who, scripture teaches, is frustrated with those of us who claim to believe in him but are really “faking the faith”. McPherson argues that we must rise above the issues that divide us and be part of something bigger. The Third Option challenges both believers and seekers to fully embrace God’s goodness and power. McPherson believes that instead of choosing one of two sides, there is a third option - one that’s proven to bring people together, mend relationships, and promote genuine peace in communities.

  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • A must read! Definitely a step in the right direction.

  • By Chad McCutcheon on 09-12-18

Read This Book, Make it a Priority!!

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-03-18

All my life I’ve been the ‘other’, not belonging to any cultural group or racial identity. When I travel people often presume I am a local, which has its positive and negative implications. At home I have never been welcomed into any cultural/race in group. Being multi-racial, but not quite “enough” of any race I have lived 37 years having no real cultural or racial identity, and therefore no community. While it has often been a lonely reality, it is something I have been able to truly learn from. I happen to believe well-mixed humans are among God’s most beautiful creations, so I do not lack confidence in how God made me. However, with this autonomous reality I have experienced a unique facet of racial and cultural rejection. When so many are juxtaposed against each other in racial biased and deep-rooted division, not knowing where you are supposed to stand provides an eye-opening vantage. For the most part people don’t know where to categorize me so they leave me alone or accidentally invite me in. I have heard things in each cultural context that leave me stunned at how readily we perpetuate bias, ignorance, and hate. When I was 21 I became a single mother with a daughter who is ½ me (Spanish/Mexican/Irish) and ½ Black with a small percentage of Native American. She is now 16 and raising her 6 years alone and then an additional 10 married to a Caucasian Texan…layers and layers of experiences with race and cultural phenomenon were added. These life experience made reading Mile’s McPherson’s book, The Third Option, and absolute must!  

I first encountered Miles McPherson in the summer of 2004 when I walked into his church off of Aero Drive in San Diego to a sermon on stepping up and being a Man or Woman of God, regardless of obstacles, influences, or history. I was alone with my 4-year-old daughter in the world and wanted nothing more than to get on the path God desired for me. Though Mr. McPherson could not pick me out of a crowd I will always consider him my Pastor – I continue to learn from him online and decided long ago that he was a trusted source of wisdom and sound teaching. Hearing about the publication of ‘The Third Option’ provoked in me a sentiment of ‘FINALLY!’ Finally, someone I trust will love all involved parties is talking about this. Finally, Godly wisdom is addressing this practical issue. Finally, I will have some behavior to model as I proceed to raise my family and do my very best to serve others as a Christian Leader. My husband and I run Younglife in Yuma and we NEED to have a securely God-founded heart toward kids of every race. Finally…it was time to read.

Though I hope Pastor Miles never does so, I believe he could ‘drop the mic’ after this project and have contributed to humanity, not merely Christianity, something exquisitely valuable. While I have long considered Miles a good and wise leader, I did not realize he had such precious jewels of knowledge still in store. Having read this project I would not find it unreasonable to compare him to the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. – our generation needs such leaders. Some may be saying, “Now hold up there…!!” but this project is indicative of an even greater cultural contribution than a megachurch Pastor in beautiful San Diego. This book is important. Here are a few key takeaways that I will share in order to convince you to read the complete work:

1)This book AFFIRMS God’s creative intentionality; that the physical diversity present in humanity is not intended to be divisive & by in large are good and valuable thing.
We do a disservice to all if we are to ignore rather than appreciate race and culture!
2)Asks for ACCOUNTABILITY: Challenges us to look deeper at the reality of problems associate with race – within society at large and within ourselves…(MY FAVORITE SECTION)
3)Encourages us to take ACTION: Be reminded why we are all responsible for racial injustices and why saying, “I’m not racist” or “It’s not my problem” does not help.
4)Challenges us to respond in a NEW WAY…He refers this to ‘taking THE THIRD OPTION.
Pastor Miles challenges us to see and respond to race differently than popular culture seems to dictate. He wants us to look to things we can gain in value, understanding, principle, and practice from other people groups. I’ll let you unravel these ideas with the book yourself but I hope you will take his challenge on and experience engaging others with this Third Option!

May this book truly impact our generation! If you love it, I recommend you try and get it in other’s hands to read and be challenged by…I certainly am doing so. Best to You in reading and living this book out! Finally, thank you to Miles McPherson for endeavoring into such deep and tumultuous waters, he did so astoundingly well!