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Shadows on the Ivy audiobook cover art

childless angst

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 10-25-07

The mystery in this book gets lost between the angst the protagonist has about somehow getting a child (even though she is already so busy that she can't find time to get to the grocery store) and long lectures on early american prints. When I read, I read to relax and not be hit over the head over and over about how much someone wants a child and apparently can't decide how to obtain one. the maudlin longing makes a child sound like a possession, without any real understanding of what being a parent is all about. From what this woman imagines in the book she should really get a puppy. In addition the reader is "treated" to lectures about early american prints which may or may not be legitimate, but are certainly annoying in the middle of a mystery. The beginning of each chapter has a description of an early american print which does not seem to bear on the contents of the chapter itself. Margaret Maron uses the same tool much more effectively with excepts of books at the beginning of the chapters. Really not worth listening too. I also listened to Shadows on the Coast of Maine, it was better because the lectures were gone, but the longing for a child was still there. AAAHHHH!

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