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Loving Monday audiobook cover art

Great content, but needed professional performance

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Reviewed: 10-16-17

The content of the book and the author's personal and professional journey were quite remarkable and fascinating. Anyone who is interested in ethics, calling, vocation, and the role of personal faith in business would probably find this a great read.

As it currently stands, however, I would not recommend the audio book. The author chose to read the book himself (and this often works out well). Unfortunately, his gifts (as varied and impressive as they are) do not extend to professional voice acting. This being the case, if he felt like no one else could lend this content the voice that he could, since it is his personal journey, the least that he could have done is to hire professional audio editors to clean up the recording so that it flows better and is clearer for the listener.

In its current state, I found the book quite frustrating to listen to, and had to switch to reading the Kindle version since I could not listen to it any longer. I am glad that I did. I learned a lot from reading this book, and am glad I choose to stick with it (albeit in a different format).