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Weaker than expected

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2 out of 5 stars
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Reviewed: 07-17-19

This book had interesting possibilities when it started. A solitary girl alone in the marsh offered an interesting premise and the author did a consistently good job of describing the natural world in which the story was set—to the extent that the marsh becomes a character in the story. But the too frequent poetry by a made up “local poet” struck me as annoying interjections into the story. The story’s thread held up for me until the end of a court trial featured in the tale and it went rapidly downhill from there. From agonizingly slow portions at the beginning, the end was a rush such that I was left with the feeling the author didn’t quite know where to take the story—except she knew she had a few things she wanted to include to tie up loose ends. These items were then thrown onto paper and the book was over. I was disappointed based on feedback I got from others as I really wanted to like this book.

The reader did a fair job but the way she chose to give voice to the two primary characters was annoying and “sing-songy.” They each end up sounding like idiots in some sections and, as the author clearly loved these two, this vocal treatment seemed unlike how the author might have preferred the characters to sound.

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