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Freefall audiobook cover art


1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-05-10

My husband and I are a captive audience listening to this book as we put mud and tape over drywall in our kids new bedrooms. Drywall is time consuming and repetitive, and a decent audio book can really help make the time more pleasant. This book is not helping. Stiglitz has spent the last two hours blaming the government, the banks, and greedy Americans for the current recession without proposing one solution. He sets himself high over everyone else claiming that he saw the whole thing coming, and pointing the finger in at least a hundred different directions to everyone who was too dumb to see it or do anything about it. I wish The Great Super Cycle were in audio format, I have a feeling that would have been a lot better than this.

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The Red Pyramid audiobook cover art

too dark for our family

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-23-10

I read several reviews for this book before buying it, so I was aware of the debate going on regarding the voice of Sadie. Some people thought the voice to be so bad that it was distracting, while others were not bothered at all, and rather enjoyed Sadie's voice. After listening to this book for over six hours I have to conclude that the problem with this book has nothing to do with voice quality at all. The problem is that this book is dark! The main characters have demons living in them! Magical powers are fun on the Disney level, but when Carter has a demon speak for him, from inside his body, the book danced a little too close to demonic without any hope of a living God to balance things out. They would quote the bible for relevance, totally leaving out the hope that comes from an all-powerful God. I wouldn't have minded my kids listening to a book about demons, if there were a good guy (God) challenging him; but this book is not about good and evil, it is about varying levels of chaos in the demonic realms. Very dark. Wish someone would have warned me before I bought it.

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Montana Sky audiobook cover art

foul mouthed angry woman

1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-23-08

My husband and I bought this book for our road trip to Montana. What a mistake. Ms. Roberts doesn't complete one paragraph without spewing 3 different expletives, while my 4 year old daughter sat in the back seat. We couldn't have shut the book off soon enough.

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