Eric McCall

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I like reading this book and could not put it down, exactly what an addict would say.

4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 01-22-19

First I have to start this book review with a clear head and a clear conscience. I had to wait and be honest with myself awhile before I picked up this book to read. I was not interested in the title until more and more it really felt like I found something I have been looking for my whole life and it was staring me directly in the EYE. I could not put this book down until the last page. In drinking terms, til the last drop!

Having been dealing with alcoholism for a quarter of a century through family, friends, loved ones, and yes personal experiences. I say with an open heart that this book touches all levels of alcoholism for the alcoholic and the loved ones dealing with it. Not only did the Author take a professional perspective, she also took a personal approach to the disease. Alcoholism!

This book covered research with psychologists, therapists, 12 step meetings, meetings for loved ones, one-on-one personal interviews with recovering addicts, rehabilitation centers, jail (That ugly word no alcoholic likes to hear), meditation therapy, prescription drug therapy, yoga practices (Yes, I say YOGA!), sponsors (a person who holds the alcoholic and loved ones accountable), plenty more not mentioned, and most of all YOUR HIGHER POWER.

Why do I say higher power? I do believe that after reading this book and the experiences I have gone through my entire life with others and myself, I realized I was just going through the motions of spiritual beliefs and not really practicing them as I preach. You ever heard that saying, Practice What You Preach? Well, I was one that did not heed from that very famous statement.

Alcohol is everywhere and you have to deal with it. Whether is rears its ugly head or beginning to destroy the very lives around you. Picking up this book to read will guide you to understand yourself about love and alcohol. That’s all this book was about.

Now I share my experience. I hope you have a chance to share yours. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. With treatment this disease can be strange at first, but with compassion and being a HARD ASS; as the Author stated in the beginning of the book, can be worth your life and the love ones that care.

Having known the Author for half a decade, she takes a positive approach on the alcoholic and the alcoholic loved one, which makes you realize that there is another life outside of alcohol. This book does not make you a new person, it simply tells you that you were always who you were but hidden beneath that alcoholic behavior. You will grow with the knowledge this book has to offer.

I am here to say for the loved one and the alcoholic that you do not have to lose this battle. It’s a disease. Working the program and through your higher power you can achieve greatness. The only thing you will lose is your ego and your selfish behavior. If that’s the only thing you lose then that’s great. LIFE IS GOOD!

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