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Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn, Book 2: Vision of the Future audiobook cover art

Too Much Left Out

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-05-07

Visions of the Future is perhaps the best Star Wars novel ever written by Timothy Zahn, and it is 697 pages long in paperback format. Needless to say, in order to create an audio version of the book would require the cutting of some material. The Thrawn Trilogy, when you combine all three books has about the same page length as the combined length of the two Hand of Thrawn books. However, to cut 697 pages to 3 hours of narration is an act of injustice. Whole sections of the plot are left out, in particular with regards to the developing relationship between Mara and Luke. Their entire journey through the caverns is excluded, as well as all the amazing dialogue of those scenes that show the development of their characters, and the rekindling of their affections for each other. Other key scenes and plot elements are excluded as well. Han Solo disappears from Leia's side and then appears on the Imperial Captial without any explanation because those scenes were eliminated. Also Talon Karrde's wonderful journey in search of his former mentor is gutted to almost nothing, thus his character gets almost no attention towards developing from a smuggler to a man in love who becomes an upstanding citizen at the end of the story. If you can over look those frustrating facts then you can enjoy a well voiced and excellent sound track applied to the story. However, do yourself a big favor, especially if you like to read excellent novels of length, just buy the book and read it on a nice sunny weekend.

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