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Einstein's Cosmos audiobook cover art
  • Einstein's Cosmos
  • How Albert Einstein's Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time: Great Discoveries
  • By: Michio Kaku
  • Narrated by: Ray Porter

Kaku's books are ALWAYS winners.

5 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 02-22-18

What made the experience of listening to Einstein's Cosmos the most enjoyable?

well, i loved hearing kaku in the prologue - but wish he'd read the whole thing.
kaku's sense of humor, his deep knowledge of physics, and his ability to simplify, to be 'one of us ' -aka as a sci-fi lover ... make his books special

What was one of the most memorable moments of Einstein's Cosmos?

in the prologue - loved how Kaku mentions the 2017 nobel prizes and ties them in. that means this book is current [or updated] and means kaku CARES

Which character – as performed by Ray Porter – was your favorite?

he's ok. nice voice....
but wish Kaku had read it himself.

Any additional comments?

i've got all of kaku's books on my own and/or buy list
and would recommend to anyone who wants to keep up to date w/ modern physics and hear from someone with a positive attitude

[what i mean is this - i do like hawking's works, but he's very negative at times - not unsurprising w/ a lifetime in a wheelchair, but not necessarily balanced ....]

so in comparison, kaku's books make me feel excited and hopeful for the future.

Meditations for Finding the Key to Good Health audiobook cover art

Dr Bernie rocks ---

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-03-09

I just bought this and really like it. Dr Bernie has a soft and reassuring voice - first of all you can tell he's not lying to you (no smarmy admin type-not a ripoff investment banker or CEO).
he is calm, soft, gentle and logical so that what he says seems to be that kind of knowledge you've always known and are just remembering, or is guidance from a friend you trust.
i will be buying others, and i will listen again and let you know
Dr Laura

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Essential Reality audiobook cover art

a pioneer in quantum & mind

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-12-08

David Bohm was a student working with Einstein and many of the physics luminaries at the time quantum mechanics were new. in his phd dissertation he was first to open the doors addressing "what does it mean to have an 'observer-influenced universe' ". this means he said if we affect the universe, if my thoughts affect reality, then what?
in geek speak - he was offering an opposing view to the popular "copenhagen interpretation" back when that was still new.
much of bohm's career was spent addressing our psychological realities and he even became close with krishnamurthi.
the man is an astounding intellect. i like to listen to him as he is trying to bring concepts beyond most of us down to simple terms. it's worth
re-listening as the ideas of the quantum reality - chopra/braden - many others propounding - come from bohm, who thought and lived it for over 50 yrs.

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The Tarot and You audiobook cover art

disapointing so far

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-12-08

i've used/studied the tarot for over 30 yrs. was looking forward to learning more-breadth or depth.
turns out this format- radio interview
a) has way too much air space filled in with music. i hope that's not typical, but if so after i hear all i bought from this program type, i won't buy again.
b) the first 16 min are dead-space, how did you find the tarot, and then undocumentable history
and symbols - circle, square, triangle, spiral, equilateral cross.
the talk is less than 1 hr, so now 1/4 of it is filled with fluff. ....
i will listen to the rest in a couple of days, and update the review, but if you don't know tarot, this so far won't tell you anything.
if you do know tarot so far this won't tell you anything.
the same interviewer and speaker have several other talks so i will be learning more.

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The Pema Chodron Audio Collection audiobook cover art

amazingly informative insightful inspiring

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-12-08

i've had some of pema's books for years and never really did more than skim... then i heard parts of her in previews here at audible. since them am buying all i can to hear and learn from her.
she's amazingly kind and compassionate.
my ONLY critique is that she is painful to see - she's so dehydrated i just want to pour her a glass of water...
tangible compassion explained so one can follow and learn to do it oneself

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Chakra Healing audiobook cover art

i want more

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 11-11-08

this is excellent but disappointly brief, even at an hour.
i've listened twice so far and really enjoyed; would like to hear more detail now on each of the chakras - a) normal B) how to develop, enhance; c) how to know if chakra is stultified

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Agatha Christie Podcast audiobook cover art

too short - teaser succeeds

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 09-30-08

wonderful snippets about agatha and her characters.
reminded me once again why i love them, AND now i'm tempted to go find the audio books. OH for an ordered list so i could listen from her first story