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Decent information but...

2 out of 5 stars
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Reviewed: 07-26-19

While the information in the book is pretty good, the narrator is extremely distracting which takes away from the quality of retention. The narrator does not enunciate his words correctly, replaces some words for other inappropriate words and is audibly sucking on candy, swallowing and attempting to moisten his mouth through the reading. I assume this is because he is reading the book as thou it is a race and does not properly stop for punctuation. This made a lot of the concepts unclear and the whole book was a struggle to listen to. Additionally, there is quite a lot of information that is for employers, which has nothing to do with the average Joe, who they advertise the content towards. This seemed like it was out of place contextually. Regardless, the book does contain helpful information on improving your EQ. I would probably suggest another book first but this may be a decent follow-up.