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Condi audiobook cover art

An Inspiration for Everyone

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 02-06-04

Forget that Condi is a women - forget that she is black - this young woman's life should be an inspiration to everyone - it is the true fulfillment of all that is the "American Dream." The author tells the story of this remarkable world leader, and the family that made it possible in such an entertaining fashion that I didn't want it to stop. The story goes beyond the chronology of a life and dwells into the whys of the events that led from her humble but well loved beginnings in the segregated south to a respected leader in world politics, academics, and multinational corporate boardrooms with honorable mentions in football, ice skating, and classical music.

Side by side with the story of a true renaissance women is the story of her parents and grand parents that should be a required instruction manual for everyone who contemplates bringing new life into the world.

The only criticism I have is the sometimes mangled pronunciation by the author of a few world personalities and geographic locations.

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