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1st Kristen Painter book I didn't like

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Reviewed: 06-30-19

May contains spoilers:

I usually love Kristen Painter for a light hearted romance I can listen to with my kids in the room, but some of the themes in this book rubbed me wrong. I don't like the message that women have to sacrifice part of who they are to be loved by a man. I don't like how easily the female MC was willing to forgive her love interest after he was so horrible to her. I don't like that she was so desperate to have his love and forgiveness for a perceived slight that wasn't even really a result of her actions. I'm also not sure why Painter introduced the mysterious book in this story that erases curses or why a guardian of said book would be blabbing to a stranger about it. Why were Andy and Cassy wandering around looking for the book when neither has a curse? So much of this book missed the mark. By the end, I felt like Andy needed an intervention so she didn't marry Constantine.

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