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Shattered Hourglass audiobook cover art

I can live with the change in style but...

3 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-27-12

I'm sure the change from the previous diary style will irritate some readers; personally I get why the author made the change. The main group of characters is necessarily split up and he would have had to jump through major hoops for a single narrator to effectively capture what was going on in all the locations. So from that perspective I think it was a bold move to make the change.

Unfortunately I'm not convinced the actual story held up to the switch in style. The writing is a little rough -- the author does struggle a little with the new voice -- but the first half or so of the book is pretty good, demonstrating several of the things that were so strong in the first two volumes. Bourne really does do zombie combat scenes extremely well and even three books in was pulling out scenarios and twists that kept it fresh.

But the latter part of the book felt really rushed to me. Almost as if he couldn't quite decide if it was going to take 4 books or if he had to wrap it in 3. Some of the plot elements introduced in book 2 are wrapped up in what I felt was very unsatisfying ways and at the end I was left thinking that Remote6 and Chang really felt like a let down. The ending could leave it open for a book 4 so we'll see if he does go that route and puts some more meat on the bones.

I'd still recommend the series and anyone who has read the first 2 volumes will want to know what happens but I do think this is the weakest of the volumes by far.

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