Pasadena, CA, USA
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Reviewed: 08-15-05

I love Sandra Tsing Loh. I have been a fan of her segments on NPR for quite some time and I was definitely looking forward to hearing this program.

Having said that, I was literally almost unable to listen to this. Ms. Loh is a great storyteller and the content is funny, but I am certainly now hard-of-hearing as a result. The show almost takes on a practical joke quality because as soon as you turn up the volume to understand her quiet whispering, she delivers a blood-curdling shriek. And by the time you gather your wits about you enough to turn it down again, she is again at a whisper and you can no longer hear a thing.

I don't know whether is it her delivery or poor producing, but this program definitely needs to be edited to be easier on the ears. I do not recommend listening to this program through earphones!

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