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Bending Adversity audiobook cover art

Great content, uncomfortable narration

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Reviewed: 07-08-18

The book itself was very interesting. I'd been meaning to pick it up for a while but had been putting it off, and I'm glad I finally got to it. There were some parts that seemed unnecessarily in-depth (for instance, some of the economic aspects dragged) and other parts that were repetitive (he would reintroduce a subject without acknowledging it as such, which made me sometimes feel like "didn't I already listen to this part?" only to realize it was a new section) but aside from that the book was filled with very interesting, informative content. It was nice to have a book that was about the in-depth political and societal aspects of Japan, unlike the pop-culture which is usually so prevalent. I feel like I have a much stronger understanding of Japan's political and economic culture after listening to this.

However, as others have stated, the narrator was a somewhat uncomfortable experience at times. As someone who is studying Japan, it was irritating to hear the important political names pronounced in a way that was almost beyond understanding--which prevented me from being able to link my previous understanding of Japanese politicians with certain sections of the book. Almost all the Japanese words were terribly mispronounced (and even some of the English words). I would recommend finding readers at least somewhat coached in subject language of the books they're reading. It can make for a much more pleasant, less cringe-inducing experience for those truly interested in the material.