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Weight Loss audiobook cover art


5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 09-18-17

I have been listening to the recordings of Dr Lee Pulos for 30-years! The first 20-years it was using was just one precious cassette i had found, and then wore out but miraculously found another of the exact same session. What a thrill to now have access, IN SECONDS, to his current downloads on a variety of topics. My first recording purchased was on SLEEP, and I had (and have) 100% effectiveness fallling asleep and waking up refreshed! His sessions are therapeutically sound, as he really understands how the mind works. I am confident I will make positive changes in how I select foods, beverages, and activities by istening to his voice and suggestions -- given i trust his knowledge, ability, skill, AND COMPASSION. My background is clinical and one can tell he is focused on what is best for the client. He seems to share his recordings because they help people, and since weight related sessions require special attention (given we all have to eat daily),..., I find myself far more hopeful that he will be able to help my mind work out its own healthier habit pattern. I value the fact that he has decades of experience working with in-person clients with same issues. Thus, I feel very fortunate to have found this recording, as he will know just how and when to invite my mind to make the shifts needed to naturally and effortlessly choose the pleasures, delicious benefits and joys of eating and moving around for health :). What a great supplement to my continued self-study on nutrition ( by those who encourage us to significantly increase our intake of very colorful, fresh foods with high water content [eaten raw, steamed, slow cooked, or lightly sauteed] because they boost our immunity, clear out plaque in our arteries, detox and sweep out the gunk in our intestines within our abdomen -- which flattens out belly -- and gives energy from wake to sleep)!

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Powerful Deep Sleep and Relaxation with Hypnosis, Meditation and Subliminal audiobook cover art
  • Powerful Deep Sleep and Relaxation with Hypnosis, Meditation and Subliminal
  • The Sleep Learning System with Rachael Meddows
  • By: Joel Thielke
  • Narrated by: Rachael Meddows

Put me right to sleep!

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-09-15

Effective! Not sure what story means in this context but rating was required. My pets are even sacked out with it, too!

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