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The Shame of the Nation audiobook cover art

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Reviewed: 08-24-12

Kozol has some excellent points to make, but he repeats himself over and over in order to make them. This book did not need to be this long! It could have been one-third the length and the point would have been much better made!

My primary complaint is that Kozol's own narrative overshadows that of the students that he is advocating for. He spends far too much of the book berating the reader when he could be letting us hear what the students themselves have to say.

Again, the overall point is very important - the de facto segregation of our urban schools. But it is so poorly written, rambling along without clear chapter topics, and LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG, that I wouldn't recommend this to anyone in its complete form. If it's available in an abridged form, get that version!